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Cultural Tips for our Ferns as Houseplants


Best growth occurs between 70°- 80°F. Temperatures outside this range tend to retard growth. Temperature below 60°F will stop growth.


These plants have low light requirements. Provide bright light with no direct sun. Keep ferns away from South and West windows.


Ferns do NOT tolerate standing water but must be kept moist by watering fully from the top and then letting the pot almost dry out. Remember to be more careful not to over-water in colder temperatures.


Dry air kills ferns. Find locations away from direct heat and drafts.


Houseplant food applied every other watering at labeled rate or less. During the winter monthly fertilizing is adequate.


A light peat moss mix. Must drain well yet still provide good water holding capabilities. Avoid vermiculite and/or sand, which tend to plug the air spaces needed for healthy root growth.